Three Factors To Consider When Choosing A Truck Cap

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Whether you're a contractor who has just bought a new truck for work or an outdoor enthusiast who uses a truck for transporting recreational gear to the cottage, a truck cap for your vehicle is a smart investment. When you begin the process of shopping for the right cap for your vehicle, you may initially feel a little overwhelmed with all of the available choices. While it's important to find a cap with a color that matches your vehicle and a price that suits your budget, there are some other factors that you can evaluate to help find the right model of cap for you. Here are three factors to think about.


One of the chief reasons that people invest in caps for their trucks is for security. A cap provides a valuable line of defense against having your possessions stolen, and there are a number of security-related elements to think about. It's common for the cap to lock, but you can evaluate different models to assess the strength of the locks. Another valuable security feature if you buy a cap with windows is locks for the windows, while tinting on the windows will also be helpful in keeping people from being able to identify what items you're carrying.

Ease Of Use

Regardless of what you're carrying in the rear of your truck, you want to select a cap that makes it easy to retrieve your goods. For example, side windows can be a handy feature if you're carrying a number of smaller items that you could reach through a window. Doing so could be preferable to opening the rear of the cap, lowering the tailgate, and then trying to climb through the bed of the truck to retrieve what you need. Some caps can also be outfitted with sliding shelves that allow you to reach what you need with greater ease.


If you haven't previously driven a truck with a cap on the back, you'll be in for a bit of an adjustment period — especially when you're backing up or trying to see in your blind spots to change lanes. If you're concerned about the sightlines from the driver's seat, you may wish to lean toward a truck cap that has a window in the rear and windows in the sides. This style of accessory will make it easier for you to see what's around you while you drive.

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