Things To Consider When Buying New Truck Cap For Your Pickup Truck

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If you have a pickup truck and want to cover the cargo area or bed, there are many auto parts accessories shops where you can buy truck caps. However, there are some things to consider to ensure that you get one that will fit and work the way you need. 

Truck Cap Styles

Auto parts and accessories stores, online accessories resellers, and some local truck cap manufacturers are all excellent places to buy truck caps. They may all have different styles and types to choose from, allowing you to find one that will best do the job necessary for you. 

The differences in truck caps can range from how you access the truck bed once it is installed, to the height or clearance under it, the material it is made from, and how you secure it. While some of these differences are slight, they are all vital when it comes time to make your purchase. 

Once the truck cap is on the truck, you don't want to have to take it on and reinstall it over and over to use the cargo area. With some research and planning, you can find the best truck cap for your situation, install it once, and leave it on the truck.

Truck Cap Construction

Many vendors have many different models to consider. The materials used to manufacture them can be essential if you need to save some weight or are looking for a specific color or design. 

Aluminum truck caps are available from some vendors and are lightweight but have thinner skin than fiberglass models, and they are often smaller and don't offer much in terms of aesthetics. If you are installing the cap on a work truck, and you need the lower profile and are not concerned about the look or design, these can be an inexpensive option and allow the functionality you need. 

Alternatively, fiberglass truck caps are common and allow truck owners to buy truck caps already color-matched to the truck. The fiberglass caps are heavy and are not something you want to remove regularly, but they are also durable and come in low-profile or high-top versions that offer flexibility and aesthetics.

Both styles attach to the truck bed rail using a system of aluminum claps that ensure the cap does not move when you are driving. To seal out water, you can purchase a rubber strip that sits on the top of the bed rail and under the cap rail. Once the truck cap is in place and clamped down, the rubber will keep the weather out and provide a nonslip surface to help ensure there is no movement over time.  

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