Three Amber Warning Lights To Add To A Security Vehicle

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If you run a small security company that has just purchased a few vehicles, one of the tasks that you'll want to add to your to-do list is installing some warning lights on these vehicles. You can buy the lights that you need at an automotive accessories retailer. There are lots of different lights to consider, but amber lights are a good choice. For many people, flashing amber lights are impossible to miss — which can be ideal if someone needs to spot one of your security vehicles to flag down a guard and report an incident. There are many amber warning lights on the market, including these products.

Exterior Light Bar

Perhaps the most recognizable type of amber warning lights to add to your security vehicles will come in the form of an exterior light bar. This is a bar that features several small LED amber lights and secures to a vehicle's roof. Many of these light bars have a low profile, which can be ideal for a taller vehicle that occasionally has to enter spaces with limited overhead clearance such as parking garages. You'll find exterior light bars that exclusively feature amber lights, while others that have a combination of amber and white lights.

Interior Light Bar

Another light option that can be valuable for security vehicles is an interior light bar. These bars have suction cups at each of the four corners, allowing you to mount the product to the inside of the windshield. Interior light bars are ideal for unmarked security vehicles. If you have one of these vehicles in your fleet, you obviously won't want visible exterior lights on its roof. A light bar behind the windshield is difficult for people to see when the lights are off but quickly gives your unmarked vehicle an authoritative presence as soon as your security guard flips the lights on.

Behind-Grille Lights

You can also buy small amber warning lights that mount behind the front grille of your security vehicles. These lights can be useful on marked and unmarked vehicles alike. They're fairly inconspicuous when they're off but can create a big visual impact when they're on and flashing. A small security vehicle can benefit from just a couple of these lights behind its grille, while a larger vehicle such as an SUV can use more lights because of its larger grille size. Learn more about amber warning lights at an automotive accessories store, such as Ultra Bright Lightz.