Setting Your Truck Up To Work Better With The Right Accessories

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Trucks are handy for many different types of work, but having the right truck accessories on the truck can really add to the usefulness of the truck. There are more accessories available for trucks than for just about any vehicle, so finding the right ones to meet your needs should not be difficult. 

Tool and Storage Boxes

One of the most common accessories people add to their truck is a toolbox in the bed of the truck. These boxes come in plastic and metal options, as well as many different colors and sizes to fit many different size trucks. For smaller trucks, the box can take up a lot of space in an already small truck bed, so you may want to put a toolbox in that mounts on the bed rails and allows material to slide under the box. If the truck is full size, you still may not want the toolbox on the floor but take a look at the options before you order one so you get the right one for your needs and your truck.

Ladder Racks

Another great accessory for a work truck is a set of ladder racks mounted to the bed of the truck. The racks allow you to place a ladder or long lumber on the racks above the bed of the truck, leaving the bed available to haul other equipment in it. For a plumber, roofer, or contractor that routinely works with long materials or equipment, ladder racks are often more useful than other accessories on the truck. 

Tie-down Points

Another useful item for your work truck are tie-down points installed in the stake holes of the truck bed. The tie-down points give you a place to attach ropes, ratchet straps, and bungee cords to secure your load. You can also use the tie-down points to secure a cargo net, holding the contents of the bed in place as you drive down the road. You can tie almost anything down with the tie-down points, but because they attach in the stake holes, you do not want to put too much strain on them vertically. 

Steps and Running Boards

Installing a set of running boards along the side of the truck can make loading and unloading the truck easier and help people get in and out of the truck. If the truck is higher than a stock truck, it might be tough to get in and the extra couple inches that the steps give you can make a huge difference. They are available in many styles to add some flare to the truck as well, so choosing the right running boards or steps can add a personal touch to your truck as well.