Five Things You Can Do To Keep Your Car Floor Mats In The Best Possible Shape

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The condition of your car mats has a big impact on both the appearance and the comfort offered by your vehicle's interior.

You need to keep your car mats properly maintained over time to optimize the condition of this important accent on your vehicle interior. Keeping up on maintenance will also maximize the lifespan of your car mats.

You can ensure that your car mats stay in the best possible shape over time by keeping up on the following five car mat maintenance tasks.

Avoid eating food or spilling drinks over mats

Eating in the car is a recipe for disaster if you're trying to keep your car mats well maintained. It's easy to drop crumbs onto mats that can cause stains.

Spilling beverages is even worse than dropping crumbs when it comes to staining car mats. Try to only drink beverages from covered containers in the car to minimize damage.

Don't wear dirty or damaging shoes when you get in your car

If you want to keep your car mats in good shape, pay attention to your shoes when you step inside your car and avoid tracking mud inside. Also, avoid wearing heavy duty boots or cleat-type shoes that might be rough on mats or rip up mat fabric. 

Regularly vacuum your mats

Vacuuming your mats is a simple thing you can do to prevent wear and tear over time. When you vacuum your mats, you clear out any debris that can cut into mat fibers and cause rips and tears.

Get in the habit of vacuuming your car mats and car floors on a weekly or monthly basis. This will minimize debris while also preventing stains from forming in your carpets from constant exposure to soil and mud.

Occasionally wash your mats

You can wash your mats once in a while to give them a deep cleaning and rinse out any stains.

Ideally, you should completely remove mats for cleanings so that you can shake off any loose dirt and completely rinse off any debris. Then, you can apply soapy water to fabric mats with a rag and wash off any stuck-on mud before carefully rinsing residue away.

Completely dry your mats after washing before replacing them

You should make sure that you give mats plenty of time to dry out after they have been washed. This way, you can make sure that you will avoid issues like mildew growth on damp mats. 

If you need to replace your mats, look into purchasing new mats specific to your type of car, such as Corvette floor mats for sale.