3 Benefits Of Investing In Telematics Tracking For Your Delivery Truck Fleet

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If you aren't already considering having telematics tracking systems installed in your delivery trucks, now is an excellent time to do so. Following are just three benefits you can expect to take advantage of after investing in telematics tracking.

1. Optimize Route and Fuel Efficiency

Your telematics tracking system will allow you to enhance driver productivity by planning routes that result in the shortest drive times possible. With real-time tracking in place, your system should also be able to make changes to routes when things like accidents and extreme weather conditions develop that affect the efficiency of the original route. In addition to optimizing overall productivity levels, you can expect your telematics tracking system to:

Your driving team will be able to communicate and collaborate through the tracking system too. And you'll always know exactly where each of your trucks are when they're checked out for deliveries.

2. Monitor Employee Driving Habits

Another great reason to install telematics tracking systems in all your trucks is to gain the ability to monitor your employees' driving habits. Not only will this help reduce the chance of your drivers getting into accidents, but it will help ensure that your drivers are following all of the policies, procedures, and laws, they agreed to when they starting working for you. If employees know that they are being tracked, they'll be more likely to take care when they drive and they'll be less likely to drive too fast, take corners too sharply, or push on the brakes too often. What's more is that tracking your trucks and the driving habits of your employees can save you up to 15 percent on your insurance rates.

3. Keep Track of Service Hours

Telematics tracking also makes it easy to keep tabs on service hours. Instead of having employees punch a card into a time clock before and after completing a delivery shift, they can simply get inside their trucks and log into the tracking system. They'll be able to easily log their breaks, any problems that result in delays while on the road, and deliveries that they make along the way. The service hour reports can be sent directly to your payroll department at the end of every pay period.

Speak with a representative today to find out more how a telematics tracking system can be used within your delivery company and to learn more about how it can benefit you, your employees, and your customers in the coming years. For more information on telematics fleet tracking, contact your local service.