Keeping Your Vehicle's Flooring As Clean As Possible

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If you have a job where you walk around in muddy conditions throughout your workday, it is likely your vehicle has suffered from dirty floors as a result. There are several ways you can try protecting your vehicle's floor from getting excessively dirty. Here are some tips you can use to aid in protecting carpeted floors from unnecessary damage.

Keep An Extra Pair Of Shoes On Hand

While it may be a bit of an inconvenience, switching out of your muddy work boots or shoes will aid in keeping your carpeting from becoming damaged due to your work conditions. Make it a point to remove your boots or shoes outside of your vehicle, shake off any dried on mud, and place the shoes or boots inside of a clean bag. They can then be put inside of a container you keep in your vehicle for transport purposes. These extra steps may feel like a hassle after working all day, however, your vehicle's floors will remain in a pristine condition, saving you time from doing extensive cleaning as a result.

Purchase Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

The custom fit floor mats you use in your vehicle can have an impact on the condition of your carpeting. Make sure to use all season mats so moisture does not make its way to the carpeting they are protecting. Rubber mats work well at containing moisture and mud into one area of your vehicle. When you get home, rinse the mat you had used with a garden hose to remove any accumulated debris from its surface and allow it to dry in its entirety before you place it back inside of your vehicle.

Use A Carpet Protecting Agent

In addition to the right floor mats in your vehicle, protecting the carpeting from potential saturation is necessary. Visit a flooring service to inquire about products they have for sale to aid in repelling moisture and debris. This agent can be sprayed directly on your carpeting before you place your floor mats on top of it. Any debris that you mistakenly knock onto your carpeting will bead up or remain in a small pile upon its surface. It can then be vacuumed when you get home without worry about it becoming embedded within the fibers of the material. This protectant should be reapplied every few weeks for the maximum amount of protection to your carpeted areas inside of your vehicle.