Make Your Drive More Comfortable, Convenient, And Safe By Implementing These 5 Car Features

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Comfort is important while you're behind the wheel because it helps you relax, and allows you to pay attention to the road instead of focusing on the need to make adjustments or wishing a resource or tool was at your fingertips. Luckily, there are lots of cool features you can install on your vehicle to increase your comfort, convenience, and safety when you drive. Here are five options to consider:

A Remote Starter

There are a variety of benefits to take advantage of after installing an aftermarket remote starter on your vehicle. With a remote starter you're able to heat or cool the interior of your vehicle before ever stepping foot into it. All you have to do is leave the heating or cooling system in the "on" position before turning your vehicle off in anticipation for the next time you're ready to drive.

A remote starter also allows you to defrost your windows in the morning and on icy days, which is pretty convenient when you're in a hurry. And your remote starter may increase the resell value of your vehicle if you decide to sell it at a later time, especially if you live in an exceptionally hot or cold area. Check out places like Aero Car Parts remote starters for more info.

Tinted Windows

Having your vehicle's windows tinted does more than just make it look cool. Tinted windows help to block UV rays from penetrating into the interior of your vehicle, which protects your skin from cancer risk and your seats from fading and cracking. In fact, you can expect your tinted windows to block up to 99 percent of any harmful rays trying to make their way into your car. You'll find tinted windows also increase your air conditioning efficiency overall.

A Rear Backup Camera

While they may not prevent all potential backup accidents from happening, rear vehicle cameras are more effective than sensors when it comes to minimizing risk of injury when you drive in reverse. Look for a rear vehicle camera with a clear picture that allows you to distinguish between different objects you see on the screen. It's also important to make sure the camera functions well at night when the risk of an accident is increased.

Another handy feature to look for is an indication system that tells you exactly how far away you are from any objects seen through the camera. You may find a rear camera which offers multiple angles of the area behind your car is important if your eyesight is challenged.

Climate-Controlled Seat Covers

Installing climate-controlled seat covers isn't an invasive process, making it easy to update the comfort of your seats on your own. All that's needed is a 12-volt energy source, such as a cigarette lighter feature, to provide power to your new heating and cooling seat covers. Installing climate-control covers in your car may also increase its value. Many seating system offer extra lumbar support and massage settings for those extra long drives.

A Digital Notepad

A great way to jot down reminders, grocery lists, and messages as you travel is to install a digital notepad on your dashboard. You'll save paper and never have to worry about keeping track of phone numbers and other important information until you need it. Look for a notepad with Bluetooth capabilities so you can sync your shopping lists with your Smartphone before heading into the store. Some models will take notes as you speak, which is helpful when you don't have a free hand available to write with a digital pencil.

With the help of these vehicle features, you'll be driving in enough luxury to make you feel like your car is worth a million bucks – you'll never want to get rid of it!